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Our consultancy and construction services mitigate risk, manage cost, and deliver mass timber building structures quickly and sustainably. We design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA) and use Building and Fabrication Information Modelling (BIM & FIM) to optimise the design, procurement, and construction phases of a project.

Our Service Offering

Our services reflect the needs of an integrated project delivery team and cover the pre-design, design, pre-construction, and construction stages of a project.

Stage 1


We review a project’s parameters, objectives, and site constraints, then apply our timber-first principles, knowledge, and experience to assess the extent to which the project could be realized using a pre-manufactured mass timber approach to construction. We establish the need for a mass timber specialist/ project timber engineer and define their scope of services.

Stage 2

Concept Design

As specialists in mass timber construction, we are able to propose the most appropriate structural solution for a project based on structural criteria such as safety and serviceability and non-structural criteria such as enclosure and appearance. We are also able to select an appropriate level of pre-fabrication and standardization based on our understanding of the project and our knowledge of the marketplace.

Stage 3

Developed Design

We support the Architect in developing a superstructure design that aligns with the architectural design intent and coordinates with the fire strategy and the M&E services strategy. We concurrently develop the superstructure design for manufacture and assembly according to the chosen level of pre-fabrication and standardization. Strategies for on-site fire and moisture safety during construction are developed and agreed.

Stage 4

Technical Design

We coordinate the design of the superstructure and develop the 3D superstructure model to a level of detail that adequately describes the design intent, a superstructure design complete with structural openings, service penetrations, and the agreed structural and non-structural attributes. The design is sufficiently complete for the pre-construction stage of the project.

Stage 4.5

Construction Information

We produce a fabrication information model for the off-site manufacture phase and a virtual construction model for the on-site assembly phase. This key stage in the DfMA process ensures a seamless transition between the design and construction phases of a project. We also prepare our structural design calculations, temporary works calculations, and assembly instructions during this stage.

Stage 5A

Off-Site Manufacture

Our bespoke laminated timber components are manufactured-to-order and digitally tagged using computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-numeric-controlled (CNC) machinery. Additional fabrication and pre-assembly works may take place depending on the level of pre-fabrication employed on the project and a factory visit may be required depending on the adopted procurement route.

Stage 5B

On-Site Assembly

We use our virtual construction model to package pre-manufactured components and schedule their just-in-time delivery to site. We also provide assembly instructions in order to ensure that our building components can be assembled quickly and safely. Assembly works in the UK are undertaken by our highly trained assembly teams and regularly inspected by our timber engineers.

Stage 6


On completion of the building structure, we undertake a final quality check and produce the necessary record information together with such other information as may be required for the safe maintenance, alteration and eventual disassembly of the building structure.

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